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Quality and Food Safety Policy

Focusing on food safety, quality, and innovation, Şölen creates brands that make a difference around the world with its continuous investments in new technologies and innovative vision. With its strong infrastructure and passion for making a difference, Şölen blends high quality products with taste and delivers them to consumers all over the world.

Positioning food safety as its main priority, Şölen continues its activities by respecting consumer and employee rights and adopting responsibility towards people, the environment, while never compromising on quality and taste.

Through its factories in Gaziantep and İstanbul, which are numbered among the world’s leading facilities thanks to their Industry 4.0 equipment and advanced technology, Şölen is in a position to export to countries all around the world. One of the best in the world in terms of food safety and production infrastructure, Şölen implements the ISO 22000, BRCGS, and IFS standards at the highest level in its facilities within the scope of Global Food Safety management and is certified at AA+ and High Level levels through unannounced inspections.

Şölen successfully completes ethical inspection processes such as Sedex and BSCI, as well as domestic and international private customer inspections. Its facilities meet the requirements of management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 50001. Moreover, within the scope of sustainability, they also hold standards such as RSPO and RA.

Distinguished from its competitors on the local and global scale with its investments in technology, Şölen was awarded the ”Excellence Award” at the 2020 TPM Awards organized annually by JIPM (the Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance) for its management model that ensures flawless and efficient production in its facilities.

Within the food production sector, Şölen allocates the most resources to R&D, which allows them to use data obtained in R&D together with its stakeholders to work on continuous improvement, while developing patented products unique to its own brands. Thanks to these efforts, Şölen became the patent champion in the category of chocolate, confectionary, and bakery products in the list of “Patent Champion Firms”, announced within the scope of Turkey’s 2020 Patent Report prepared by Patent Effect.

To date, Şölen has made 10 utility model applications, 13 European patent applications, 20 international patent applications and 35 national patent applications.
As we continue to increase patents and utility models, we also continue to invest in new technologies every year. We rank 7th in the “Patent Champion Companies” list of Turkey’s Patent Report, and are on the top of the list in the chocolate, confectionery, and bakery products category.