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Our Certificates
Halal Food Production

Şölen is motivated to offer the most innovative and delicious products to consumers. All of our achievements to date can be attributed to our motto: Şölen does it differently. We regularly invest in both human resources and facilities as well as new technologies. With the assurance of more than 30 years of experience, every product that we offer is produced with state-of-the-art technology and advanced food standards practices. Since our foundation, we have consistently ensured that we meet all Quality Management and Food Safety Management standards.

In terms of production, our teams work in settings where all necessary hygiene conditions are met in order to deliver our products with zero error. Today, as a brand that exports more than 200 types of products to more than 120 countries, we procure all of the raw materials in our products from reliable Halal-certified institutions and produce in accordance with halal production conditions in our facilities.

To view our halal food certificates click here.

To view our halal food certificates click here.


Our Environmental, Energy, and OHS Policies

Şölen has adopted the following principles in order to achieve and maintain a healthy, safe, energy-efficient, environmentally sensitive working environment with “zero occupational accidents”:

  • Complying with national and international occupational health and safety, environmental management, and energy efficiency standards,
  • Using energy with maximum efficiency, reducing the use of natural resources, and adopting a strategy of procurement from renewable resources,
  • Raising the awareness of our employees, customers, contractors, visitors, and suppliers on occupational health and safety, environmental awareness, and efficient energy use,
  • Establishing an occupational health and safety, environmental, and energy efficiency management system based on the principle of continuous improvement,
  • Creating a safe working environment and ensuring its continuity, preventing employees from contracting occupational diseases,
  • Preventing the recurrence of accidents and incidents in order to achieve the zero accident target,
  • Minimizing gases, waste, and natural resource consumption and using existing energy resources in the most efficient way without harming nature,
  • Protecting the environment and prioritizing energy efficiency in new products to be produced or new processes to be developed, planned investments, and future activities,
  • Reducing risks, evaluating all risks to ensure a safe, healthy environment and working environment, offering all necessary training and taking all required measures, and monitoring the safety and health of employees, the enterprise and production,
  • Setting targets for improving environmental performance, taking actions, and carrying out activities to evaluate the environmental impact of our new investments,
  • Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, water footprint and solid waste for a more sustainable future.

Chairman of the Board
İsmail Çoban