yönetim kurulu mesajı
Message by the Chairman
As Şölen, we create brands that make a worldwide difference with the strength we draw from our deep-rooted past and our innovative vision. With our commitment to our values, our passion for success, and our quality products, we are growing deeply in existing markets and distinguishing ourselves from our global competitors. We continue our journey of growth with the young, brave, and dynamic elements we carry in our DNA, our strong infrastructure and innovative perspective, and the strength we get from our teammates.

Since our foundation, we have considered it our duty to invest back into the lands of our birth and the lands we have taken so much from. And we continue to invest in new technologies by focusing on quality, food safety, and innovation. In our Gaziantep factory, which we call “Turkey's Chocolate Factory”, one of the few facilities in the world with Industry 4.0 norms, and in our facilities in Istanbul, we strive to share our exquisite tasting high quality products with consumers from all over the world.

Our brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Milango, Boombastic, Luppo, Lokkum and Nutymax have become worldwide successes and with these successes, our progress has kept up at a great pace. Today, we continue our overseas expansions by exporting over 200 different products to over 120 countries.

In today's world, where technology and digitalization have become an important part in all parts of business, we closely monitor the expectations and needs of the changing world and develop solutions according to the requirements of the times. In addition to our human resources, solid technological equipment, highly adaptable and agile organizational structure, we always offer the best products to our consumers through our online sales channels.

As a company that strengthens Turkey with production, investment, employment, and exports, and in line with our goal of being first in international major markets with our R&D and marketing structure, we strive to allow our consumers to turn every moment into a celebration with delicious products that add joy to their lives.

İsmail ÇOBAN

Chairman of the Board