Chairman of the Board

Message from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Consumers, Business Partners and Colleagues, 

Founded in 1989 by our parents, and us raised by them, Şölen has become an important player building global brands in the chocolate sector today. While starting off as a small business 28 years ago, our biggest capital was our mutual love, trust and responsibility to each other as a family. The seeds spread that day with the labor and values of our elementary family have grown into a structure today, which delivers distinguished flavors to millions of consumers in more than one hundred countries through the efforts of our highly qualified and self-committed employees. I am so glad that the values based on love, respect and trust and strictly adhered by our elementary family keep guiding our big family composed of thousands of employees who sweat for the success of Şölen today.

Şölen is accepted as one of the fastest players of its own sector in Turkey and the world today, not only for its production power but also for its brand-building skill. At the moment, we are one of the bravest players, who offers the most innovative and delicious products of Turkey with our over 200 assortments in the snacks category, mainly Biscolata, Ozmo, MiLanGo, Luppo, Lokkum and Nutymax. We are Turkey's top chocolate and chocolate products exporter. We have been launching overseas offices to exist powerfully in the target markets. Through the agency of our regional managements in different geographies of the world ranging from Dubai to Azerbaijan, from Saudi Arabia to Canada, from Latin America to North America, we have been managing the moves to reinforce our claim in the market all together. In every business we make, our target is to become a global player of the region and the world. What lies beneath our passion for building assertive brands both regionally and globally is our belief in and commitment to our work and our country. We know that if we win, our country also wins.

While focusing on being always in the forefront in our sector by following the global developments, we never forget our values that have brought us to these days and the set of values that made us who we are today. We protect the holidays and attach importance to face-to-face communication. Through the open door policy, we listen to and embrace everybody who sweats for the success of Şölen, and feel the excitement of succeeding together. We strive really hard to offer always the best and the newest to our consumers who have preferred our products and made us an assertive player in the market.

I would like to thank sincerely to everybody who has made contributions to Şölen’s 28-year voyage. Our company will continue to chase high targets and make contributions to the country economy in the future as well as today.

Ismail Çoban
Chairman of the Board